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Monday, 15 December 2008 18:56


NY Therapy


NY therapy is dynamic, not because it happens in one of the worlds most renowned cities, but because it is derived from a social science that never gets stagnant.


Like the city of New York psychology is vast with many different areas. It continues to grow because of the diversity of human beings. Nothing is ever lost, but rather what is learned is added to the pieces of the puzzle that fit into place helping us to understand who we are and how we are effected by the world around us.


Fashion, economics, art, music and acting, even the logo of the Big Apple, are part of what makes New York famous. These things attract the poorest to the richest from around the world and though each individual would seemingly go there for the same reasons if asked, each person will perceive the city in a different way.

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Some people will become successful and fulfill their dreams; others will pack up and leave. Whatever happens to them, the memories of the city and what happened there, what was seen, the people they met, the weather, the smells, will leave an imprint within them that will never go away, regardless of whether their experiences were good, bad or even indifferent. If we were to take the time spent there away from them, they would still be left with an experience; one of having no memory, even if they are not seemingly aware of the fact.


Psychology is the study of human beings, but the study is in understanding the effects that the environment has on them. Why do we react the way we do to any given situation? What makes us who we are? We are not alone in asking these questions, psychology asks these questions as well and psychologists not only ask the questions they  do research in order to find the answers to these questions and many more.

NY therapy is not only designed to help people who have severe mental illness, it is there to help people who have developed anxiety, phobias, eating disorders somatic complaints, post traumatic stress disorders, depression and anger problems. NY therapy is also for the largest part of the population whom everyone considers to be normal. Everyone lives life and everyone suffers stress. Some people are more adept than others in learning coping strategies, but they may have other issues that seem to be out of control.


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There are also many people who consult a specialist in order to improve themselves. This may seem a bit odd to some, but often it is difficult to define a problem or to learn to improve social skills and communication on your own. Psychologists are versed in the practice of therapies that can help an individual or a family.


NY therapists practice NY therapy in a variety of settings that include schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, mental health clinics, community health centers, businesses, social service agencies and drug and alcohol treatment centers. Most recently, some therapists have taken NY therapy to the streets. This Therapy is called walk and talk therapy and it is New York's first and only outdoor counseling practice.

NY therapy covers a lot of ground. It has been suggested that there are over 400 different therapies that are used to help treat people. New York therapy uses many traditional therapies because they work. These therapies are probably ones that most people have heard about: Cognitive behavior therapy, psychoanalytical therapies and Systemic and family therapies.


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Many therapies are combined with other therapies to meet the needs of their clients. Other therapies include cognitive analytic, humanistic, feminist, art therapy, transactional analysis, group analysis and interpersonal therapy. Humanistic therapy is interesting because the therapist in his or her training is taught, not only to be supportive, but empathetic as well. Clients are made to know that their problems are understood and they are respected as individuals that are trying to deal with their problems.


Another NY therapy is called expressive arts and is specifically to help a client deepen their self-expression. Psychodynamic psychotherapy deals with past relationships. The therapy helps a person to understand past relationships and the personal issues that come from them. This allows the client to find healing in the present.

Whatever your needs are, there is a NY therapy that can be found to help you. Therapists in the state of New York must go through a long process of intense study in order to be able to offer you therapy that works well, and one in which both the therapist and the client can have confidence in.


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NY therapy is not all that expensive, being approximately 80 to 200 dollars per 50 minute session. Most often, NY therapy is covered by insurance but there are clinics within the community that will be able to help you with no cost; however, they are often only short-term. 


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