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New York Psychologist

New York Psychologists are social scientists. The practice of psychology is one which includes observation, evaluation and interpretation. This leads to helping in the modification of behavior. Such behavior that is prevented, eliminated or modified is considered undesirable (maladaptive).


Psychology is an enormous subject that spans many different areas of study, some of which are: sensation and perception, intelligence testing, stress coping, health, human development from cradle to grave, motivation and emotion, consciousness and the basics of behavior, social behavior and the study and treatment of psychological disorders.

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Psychology, its research and therapy continues to advance in the world of human diversity. The majority of people who seek Psychologist in New York are people from the mainstream of the population. They are people like you who live typical day to day lives. Life issues such as family, marriage, communication with others or social interaction are all things that people seek help with in order to better themselves.


They work with New York psychologists to learn coping skills for stress, sleep problems, improving mental skills like memory and a host of other issues that surface throughout various stages of their lives.

In order to legally use the name or profession of psychologist in the State of New York, it is required that an individual must obtain, after a regular education, a complete doctoral degree in psychology. Once this is obtained, they must complete a two year period of experience in their field under the supervision of a psychologist. They must then complete an examination with a pass that is accepted as satisfactory by the board. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have good moral character and pay an examination fee of $175.


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According to 2007 statistics within the New York overall area, the Bronx ( Bronx County) has 175 licensed psychologists, Brooklyn (kings County) has 631, Manhattan (New York County) 2,950, Queens (Queens County) has 437 and Staten Island (Richmond County) has 112. The total number of licenses received in the state of New York was 11,349. This does not mean that this number of licensees are practicing within the state of New York as New York psychologists.

New York Psychologists work in a number of different areas. Some New York psychologists are teachers at universities, and many are in areas of research. There are also clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, psychologists that are nurses, counselors, marriage and family therapists and social workers to name a few.


Some New York psychologists work in private practice, but the numbers are low compared to those that work in other areas. New York psychologists, regardless of the area that they specialize in, are there to help people. If you are looking to find a New York psychologist to help you, they are not difficult to find. Family doctors can almost always refer you to one in the area where you need assistance.


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You can also find New York psychologists working as counselors at colleges and universities, which make them a valuable resource for students. If you are in a hospital, you will probably be interviewed by a psychologist who works as a counselor in order to help you sort out youíre problems and find the best method of therapy, as well as finding you a psychiatrist if the need for treatment with medication is an issue.


Psychologists today are often employed by businesses and corporations so that employees can take their difficulties or issues to them. This often seems easier for some people as the surroundings may be more familiar, and the psychologist understand the stress that is related to the job.


Other places to find a New York psychologist is in the mental health sector of your community where clinics often have staff that work on holidays as well as weekends, so there is seldom a problem with being able to see someone quickly.


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All drug rehabilitation centers employ psychologists that specialize in the area of drug and alcohol rehabilitation therapy. If none of these areas are what you are looking for, you can also find listings for New York psychologists on the internet. Many psychologists advertise the businesses and clinics that they work in and also list the many areas of therapy that they treat people for.


New York psychologists are almost always available to speak to on the phone for a short interview to find out what it is that you need assistance with, and whether or not they can help you. If the call seems positive to you, you will be booked for an appointment that will be considered a consultation in which the two of you will get to know each other, as well as some of the particulars about the therapy and the time that it will take to accomplish what you are looking for.


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