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New York Counselor 


A New York counselor is a person who is knowledgeable enough to give you advice with any situation that you might find yourself in. A New York counselor is someone that you go to for a consultation in which you will share and exchange ideas and opinions. We all go to people who may, in our opinion, have more insight or experience than we do when we have a problem. These people are often people we know and count on to help us. They include parents, friends, relatives, clergy and teachers. Professional New York counselors are found in many areas of employment; Architecture, government, Business, Law and all areas of medicine.


New York counseling psychologists develop their specialization for the area of diagnosis, treatment with everyday problems that people may encounter and with psychological disorders. This type of New York counselor is required to get a doctoral degree, which takes anywhere from five to seven years following a bachelors degree. Most training is done at a university and requires internship for one year, and in most cases, one to two years of post doctoral fellowship training. Psychiatrists who also counsel have a medical degree.

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To get this, they spend four years in a medical school followed by four years of apprenticeship at a hospital; all of this is completed after an undergraduate degree of four years. Psychiatrists often work with helping professionals because they are the only ones that can prescribe any type of medication. Psychiatric nurses usually have a masters degree in the area that they are interested in. Clinical social workers, who often do a lot of counseling on the whole, have a masters degree, work in institutional settings and they are known for being independent counselors. There are many kinds of New York counselors found in a variety of settings that provide therapeutic services.


These may include schools, colleges, youth centers, and human service agencies. Most of theses New York counselors have a masters degree and work in areas of marital counseling rehabilitation counseling, drug and alcohol counseling and family counseling.


Many of these people will find that the jobs they have, the types of people they treat and the kinds of therapy involved overlap. So, when you are looking for a New York counselor you are searching for someone that has, in most cases, a good deal of training and education behind them. For an example, lets say that someone finds themselves suffering from severe clinical depression and they are looked after in a hospital. While in the hospital, they will probably be visited by a New York counseling psychologist who will diagnose their problem.

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The patient will then most likely be visited by s psychiatrist who will have read their developing file and decide if he/she concurs with the diagnosis. If he/she does, he/she will prescribe medication, while the patient is an in patient at the hospital. On further consultation, the Doctor finds that their patient has financial problems that will leave them without a place to live. Where does the patient go after they leave the hospital? On to the case and adding to the file comes a social worker who is a New York counselor.


They will not necessarily be able to find the patient employment, but they can find the patient a place to live until such a time as they do find employment. Mean while, their psychiatrist has decided that the medication he has given them is showing good results and tells them that they can go home. He only treats in patients, so he gives the patient the name of a psychiatrist who treats out patients. He counsels the patient on how their medication is working and wishes to see them once a month.


The idea is that they will see a New York counselor who is a psychologist to help them with personal problems that may be a part of their depression. They see this person every week. If one were to add up all the people the patient has been counseled by at this point, one will see there are five of them. Of course, the patient may eventually see more. 

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All of these people are qualified New York counselors who have spoken to the patient and also interacted with each other in order to find them the best possible solutions for their depression, as well as the reasons for it. All these New York counselors have provided the patient with advice and with therapy in order to help them. One thing that should be understood is that the people the patient has helping them are part of a larger system that has to be worked through. One cannot always get an appointment when and on the day that a person may want. One's treatment will not be instantaneous no matter how many people are involved in helping. It is important to be patient and if you are, the New York counselors will come through.



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